Differences Between Northern and Southern Europe Education System

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Most people pick Europe when looking to study abroad. However, this may be too generic as Europe consists of many countries divided into several regions, including Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern Europe. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably considering choosing between Northern and Southern Europe for your next Education venture.

While both are great places to study, there are some obvious differences between them and your choice will depend on the type of education system you’re looking for. In the rest of this article, we’ll comprehensively look at the differences between education in the two regions.

Regardless of whether you choose to study in Northern or Southern Europe, one thing that is rising on the trends in online learning. It offers you the opportunity to study wherever you are and the flexibility to learn at your own pace and comfort. Several platforms offer online education, one of which is …

6 natural ingredients to repel bad mouth odors

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Bad breath is one of the factors that greatly affects one’s self-confidence. Because this condition is very disturbing in socializing.

Have you ever been insecure because of bad breath? Bad breath or halitosis is one of the factors that greatly affects a person’s self-confidence. Because this condition is very disturbing in socializing, socializing and building networking.

One way to overcome this condition, besides having to be diligent in brushing your teeth after every meal, you should also drink enough water. If this disorder is still not resolved, don’t worry, you can try to use natural ingredients that are easily available to overcome bad breath problems.

Here are some natural ingredients that can be easily found around us that you can use to get rid of bad breath

1. Betel leaf

The vines that only exist in Indonesia have very many benefits for caring for health. Caranga is very simple, boil …



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The progress of the times makes the need for English language skills undeniable. To be able to meet these needs, various ways of learning are pursued, both  formal and informal ways of learning English .

One of the ways to learn formally is to include the English curriculum as early as possible and the proliferation of international-based schools in big cities, like Jakarta.

The rise of international-based schools led to the high desire of parents to enroll their children in these prestigious schools. But, what exactly is the positive impact that international schools have on improving children’s English skills?


Although some people criticize the existence of international schools because the use of English is more dominant than Indonesian, but international schools have an important role in improving foreign language skills. Through the international curriculum, the primary language used is also not thai but english

Indeed, …